Rivage Lutry

The hotel-restaurant Rivage Lutry has always been beating to the rhythm of the vineyards, the lake and the life of people from Lutry. A historic building erected in 1899 on the shores of Lake Geneva like a lighthouse facing the Alps, it retains the marks of time and remains faithful to its history and its region, to its generous and authentic Vaudois lands.

A house of conviviality and authenticity.


Anchored on the foundation of its traditions and resolutely looking to the future, the hotel-restaurant is part of a continuity marked by dynamism and modernity.

In this enchanting setting seeming almost unreal of so much beauty, Rivage Lutry is a house of conviviality and hospitality that will offer each visitor the experience of regional traditions and the Swiss way of life.

Taste the sweetness of life on the shores of Lake Geneva and you won't be able to do without it... You are warned!

Sweetness of life is an art...


Whether you are a passerby, a walker, an explorer, an athlete, a business traveler, from here or elsewhere; Whether you are here to be inspired, to meet friends, to eat, to rest, to rejuvenate, to wonder; Whether you are there in winter or summer; you have come to the right place at Rivage Lutry.

Between land of vines and a lake surrounded by mountains, the most beautiful region in Europe will never leave you indifferent. On the other bank, the Alps offer a spectacular panorama. Let yourself be enveloped by the light of the lake, beautiful in all seasons. It brings wonder and serenity to anyone who immerses in it. Admire the terraces of Lavaux, a magnificent Vaudois vineyard classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site that merely dive into the lake! A magical spectacle, especially in the fall when the dazzling vines delight us with an explosion of colors. It is in this preserved little paradise, adjoining the charming little port where you can stroll freely, that the hotel-restaurant Rivage Lutry welcomes you... With care, simplicity and friendliness, whatever your epicurean wish is, we will make your stay with us the first of a long series.


The future of Rivage Lutry is written now.

“Luxury is authenticity. That's what matters today, isn't it? »

This is the vision of Samantha Polgar, the one who is now sailing Rivage Lutry towards an authentic and sincere future.

Samantha Polgar

Director of Rivage Lutry

Samantha Polgar, graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne is a trained professional from Ticino that was forged in the refinement and high standards of the luxury hotel industry. By taking over the management of Rivage Lutry in July 2020, she closes a parenthesis of 23 years as general housekeeper at the Beau-Rivage Palace, a prestigious Lausanne hotel which has seen her grow up and, she admits, has brought her knowledge in the hotel industry, great encounters, the skills and the confidence that carry her through her new challenges. A new wind began to blow. Passionate about sailing, eager for new experiences and epicurean by nature, everything brought her back to Lutry, this peaceful little town on the edge of the lake. The time for change had come.

Her ambition promises to be both simple and delicate. With the degree of requirement that has always driven her, Samantha Polgar and her teams will give Lutry what is belonging to Lutry by putting the historic establishment of charm in its proper light. Attached to the traditions, history and exceptional environment of the Rivage Lutry, Samantha Polgar wishes to infuse a luxury experience refocused on the human and authenticity and embody openness and generosity, with simplicity... Yes, simplicity above all to offer the best of here, emotion and lasting memories to each visitor of Rivage Lutry.

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